Technorati Top Searches: Mocospace

To my displeasure todays Technorati top search is something called Mocospace, at first look it seams like a nock off of Myspace but after some searching it turns out it’s more than it looks at face value.MocospaceAfter looking around Mocospace it seams to package the features of several diffrent sites, blogs and forums, instant messengers and chats all wrapped into a social network.

But the main thing that makes Mocospace todays Technorati Top Search is that Mocospace is mobile. On normal websites when you try to access the mobile version on your phone you end up with that watered down look and it seams all the good features end in a message saying that they’re only available on “a standard computer.”

On Mocospace however it seams you get more features while using your phone than on the web. Some of my favorite parts of Mocospace are the hilarious design, somewhere between the old old look and the almost laughable look of Myspace, Mocospace defiantly doesn’t get any credit for the way the website looks. Some of the messages on the homepage are big turn offs too, apparently Mocospace can be used just with Text messages, no need for one of those fancy phones with the “interwebs” for these people but this isn’t a one liner and right after the nifty picture of a cheap phone they state “* US & Canada only, standard text messaging rates or other fees may apply.” Does everyone like the asterisk.

Overall “mobile chat, pics and friends” is a new idea from a company hoping to monopolize the brave new world of teens with phones but all the features might be hard to handle on the little phones, especially using text messages. So take a look but be careful, Tom sees all.


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