Alexa Movers Monday:

On February 7th Mozilla released a new version of their popular internet browser FireFox. Expectedly the Mozilla sites (Both and received extra traffic due to the fact that after every update of FireFox it loads up the Mozilla page, but what is surprising is that 11 days after the release of FireFox is still up 472% and is still up 50%. But why?

Since the seventh of February the day the new version was released the support forum has been descended on by a plague of angry users. Since the seventh there have been 64 pages of support topics ranging from problems on vista and webmail and FireFox being extremely slow. One answer for the number of hits to would be that the new version of FireFox is full of bugs and allot of the traffic is on the support forum but one topic I found revealed something else. “Since the update to every time I start FireFox I get an extra tab announcing I’ve been updated to the latest version. Minor, I know, but annoying.” This bug, found mostly on Windows Vista would certainly explain except that there’s more.

Mozilla also updated their add-ons database, and their forums and even announced that ThunderBird will get it’s own foundation for future development. But it seams everyone is happening at once. Is this an attempt by Mozilla to draw attention to itself or is their something more sinister going on at Mozilla. I like Mozilla and am a FireFox fan myself but it stands out to much how long Mozilla has stayed on the Alexa Movers and Shakers page. Something strange is afoot.


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