Is it just me …?

Is it just me or does “Hillary 4 U N Me” make anyone else want kill Hillary. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be? Is it a comedy? A rerun of “I love Lucy?” Whatever it is its mean it’s brown and it’s obnoxious and gay (I’m not allowed to compare gays to Hillary because that would be an insult to gay people everywhere.) If you really must watch it here it is, be warned, theres more brown in this video than in your local sewage plant.

As is obvious from all the dancing in the video Hillary has lots of experience, however the only thing I can think of that Hillary’s experience has brought us is the Iraq war and this video.

And if your still not convinced how about this. Does she answer questions directly with straight answers? No! Does she state her polices to the public? No! Can she win against John McCain? No! Oh and did we mention? She can cry on command!

So there you have it, Hillary consider yourself un-endorsed.


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