Google has some advice for you!

If Google was a webmaster it would be a good one because they could just make their pagerank 11 and put themselves on the top of every search page, unfortunately your not Google. But Google does have some advice for you to follow when optimizing your website to be Google friendly.


  1. Have other relevant sites link to yours.
  2. Submit a sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools account.
  3. Submit your site to quality directories in the appropriate category.
  4. Make a site with a clear hierarchy, and make every page is reachable by at least one static text link.
  5. Create useful, unique, and clearly written content. Relevancy is key.
  6. Make sure your TITLE tags and ALT tags are “descriptive and accurate.”
  7. Maintain clean HTML code.
  8. Keep the outgoing links on a particular page under 100.
  9. Make it easy for search bots to crawl your site without error.
  10. Make use of the robots.txt file to limit crawling on pages that aren’t useful to visitors.
  11. Make pages for users, not search engines.


  1. Don’t have broken links on your site.
  2. Don’t use hidden text or hidden links.
  3. Don’t cloak or use “sneaky” redirects.
  4. Don’t load pages with keywords or keyphrases.
  5. Don’t send automated queries to Google.
  6. Don’t create duplicate content.
  7. Don’t create pages that install trojan’s, viruses or malware.
  8. If you participate in affiliate programs, don’t provide duplicate content. Provide useful content for the user.
  9. DO NOT participate in linking schemes! So many of those viral linking posts go around, and they are just not good for business. That’s why you rarely see the bigger A-list blogs take part, because they know it’s bad for rankings. Resist the temptation to gain 30 extra links overnight because Google knows when you do.

Remember play nice with the other websites and Google will bring the rewards.


2 Responses

  1. i’m new to your posts but i have to admit i like them very much. The factor of the 1 static text link is something we often find is overlooked on websites. Perhaps people are put off by updating 1000 static links on manual sites.

    great short how to guide tho.

  2. Great basic advice for getting your site listed higher on the search engines. Don’t forget to get good anchor text links to your site on other relevant sites. And since Google isn’t always the key especially for local searches get your meta tags in order, especially your title tag. Thanks for sharing

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