Fan Mail! …. ok Hate Mail -_-

I got a few letter in my inbox from people I didn’t know, and it looks like I got some hate mail.

Name: Amit Agarwal


Website: Who cares?
Mathew Ferguson,

The following article is copied verbatim from our blog



You are required to delete the article immediately as this violates copyright.

We hope you comply to this request and respond to us quickly.

Thank you,

Amit Agarwal

Apparently the article I took from that forum I mention (And linked back to) wasn’t the original source. My only problem is that this person apparently didn’t have a problem with the forum post for the 5 months it was there until I posted it here. I guess live and let live. If this has taught me one thing about the internet it is that there are some nasty people on it, if you have the time drop by her blog and leave her some fan mail hate mail too!


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