Why I don’t support our troops

Digg, Reddit and the rest of the internet are in a fire storm. After a first video of a US Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff (Warning: Very saddening video, may be considered graphic for some audiences) several other horrible videos have been uncovered.

These videos are all very sad and show the sick state of our troops in Iraq, watch with some discretion as they may be considered graphic for some audiences.

Soldiers blow up dog

Soldiers blow up another dog

Soldier kills a dog

Soldiers, tormenting a dog…

Soldiers shoot another dog

Soldiers throwing a grenade at sheep

Soldier shoots yet another dog

Killing civilians in front of their children

Scaring an injured puppy repeatedly

Blowing up a kitten and cheering

This is from the soldier from the original video’s sister Kathleen Motari’s blog. I found this post she wrote about the marines after some patriotic babble, I found this excerpt interesting. I can only assume that she is talking about her brother.

“The Marines may be all about work but they have fun as well. A graduate from MHS joined the Marines right out of high school. They were stationed in Hawaii doing missions up in the mountains when they got hungry. They came out of the woods and found a house and took down the address to call a pizza place. The delivery man didn’t want to come all the way up there because it was really far. Finally they convinced him to. The Marines waited in the trees and bushes until the pizza man came. When the delivery man pulled up, all the Marines jumped out of the bushes with their face paint on and their guns. The pizza man was too scared to get out of the car! They gave him an extra tip for going through the hassle to go that far. So after, they hopped back in the bushes and ate their pizza!”

So they made the pizza guy drive further than he wanted and then they jumped out of trees with machine guns and scared the shit out of him. My question being was it as fun as throwing puppies off of cliffs?

If your really adventurous here are more deplorable things our soldiers are doing in Iraq,

Splashing kids with a hummer

Shooting unarmed civilians then celebrating

Teasing kids with water

Soldier talking about wanting to kill Iraqi children

Soldier messing up civilians house for fun

Soldier being a dick to Iraqi police

Having kids chant “I love pork!”

Soldier throwing a child off of a bridge

If you want to do something about it you can contact his Senator Maria Cantwell or contact his Congressional Representative Jay Inslee.

If you want to do more you can contact him personally,

David Mortari
24419 Florence Acres Rd
Monroe, WA 98272-9662
Phone: (360) 794-7191

Or you can spam his Bebo or Myspace (I think it was removed) profile with comments about him being a sick bastard.

Remember, call your congressman and tell them that this shit isn’t ok!


4 Responses

  1. Please spread these around. This is how real soldiers act.

    Hitting civillian cars with humvee


    Aftermath of what happens when “Hadji gets in our way”


    Telling his gunner to shoot a civilian car, when the americans are driving down the wrong side of the road


    Running over a car with tank


    Cutting down Iraqi flag


    Hitting civilian car with tank and driving off


    Baghdad gas station line


    Missile hits wrong building…oops


    Soldier huffing compressed air


    Crashing a civilian truck and cheering


    Asking kids if they like poop


    Causing another accident and cheering


    Calling a childs mom a whore among other things


    Cutting civilians gas cans at gas station due to a no gas can rule


    Another apache missile hitting the wrong building


  2. Thanks for the list. Very interesting. And we wonder why we’re hated all over the world.

  3. Everyone should send David Morontari a big box of dog crap.

  4. So, because of a few soldiers you don’t support the troops? Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of soldiers have been through Iraq and Afghanistan, many on multiple tours? The amount of self-hatred that comes from democrats today is disturbing. Move to Canada if you hate it here so much. They don’t have a military for you to hate.

    Duhh: I’m a Republican 🙂

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