Tips To Avoid Blog Suicide

Hundreds of blogs are born each day, in the month of February 245,329 blogs were created on alone, but out of all the blogs on only 726,789 were active, where “active” means they got a human visitor. Therefor most of the blogs created in February have already died.

By definition Blog Suicide is the death of a blog before it even had enough time to mature, here are some tips to avoid blog suicide.

  • Stay clear from being a Stats Addict. Check stats once or twice at the most
  • Don’t worry about RSS subscriber numbers. It’s nice to have more but don’t let that cripple your blogging as a whole.
  • Do not worry about writing killer posts. Write as you normally would. With time you will start writing killer posts without even knowing.
  • Realize everything takes time
  • Market your blog effectively by networking
  • Don’t spend excessively on blog marketing. There are ways to market your blog without spending a dime
  • Be passionate about what you write
  • Make sure to respond to your readers comments
  • Try to know other bloggers that write on the same subjects you do
  • Focus on reading, not just writing
  • Read other blogs on your niche and learn from them
  • Join Social Networking sites
  • Write articles that show your writing skills
  • Treat your blog as your home, keep it clean and do not clutter with too many advertisements
  • Spend considerable amount of time making friends
  • Create content that provides value to the reader
  • Remember your other priorities
  • Do not stress about updating your blog
  • Unless it’s your full time job, keep your blog as a way to express things rather than focusing only on making money
  • Give perks to your subscribers
  • Follow the footsteps of top bloggers
  • Learn from others mistakes and adapt their success strategies
  • Have a clear goal why you want to have a blog.
  • Set realistic goals before you start out
  • Give it some time and build some patience
  • Instead of going after advertisers, go after influential bloggers and get in their circle
  • Try to keep your blog simple yet elegant.
  • Create a blog that’s user friendly
  • Pay attention to other aspects of life
  • Have a clear mindset on what niche you want to explore and don’t write off topic.
  • You don’t need to make money directly from your blog, open up other opportunities through it
  • Give yourself a break every once in a while.
  • It takes time to write a good book and the same rule applies to a good blog
  • Don’t fall for the numbers. Stats, reader number and links are important but the less you think and run after them the more you will gain.

There are a few more I’m sure but these will keep your blog alive, for the first month at least.


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  1. Great tips thank you forposting that article. 🙂

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