10 Awesome Post Ideas

Everyone gets writers block every once and awhile. Here are some ideas for blog posts that are always popular.

  • How to
    Lets face it, we love it when people tell us how to do things, especially if we think they know more than us. This one is especially good because most niches have something to “How to” about, a Social bookmarking blog might write “How to use Digg” and a cooking blog might write “How to bake homemade cookies.”
  • Lists
    Lists are almost so overused they are becoming a joke, even thought they still work. So many “Top 50,” “50 Things” and “100 Useful Things” lists are so common now its hard to go to a blog that doesn’t have them, just to reiterate, they still work. Especially in social bookmarking sites.
  • Campaign
    Campaigns will either work or they wont, before you start a campaign make sure it is something your community will rally around or it might just backfire.
  • Interview
    Getting popular people in your Niche to do an interview for you is a guaranteed success, but before hand make sure you do your homework so you don’t make a fool out of yourself.

    1. Do your research
    2. Prepare questions beforehand not off top of your head
    3. Send your questions to the interviewee in advance
    4. Interview is about the interviewee, not about you
    5. Ask open-ended questions, yes/no answers kill interviews
    6. Interact! Don’t just fire off questions, make the conversation flow
    7. Thank the interviewee for their time and ask if there is anything they would like to say afterwords
  • Review
    Reviews can work or they might not, make sure you pick a product your readers want to know about and don’t think that reviews only apply to real world items, you can review websites, services or other bloggers if you feel like it.
  • Competition
    Competitions are real community drivers, similar to campaigns but offering a prise as a reward instead of the satisfaction of helping the cause can really get the lurkers out.
  • Research results
    Research posts are good for two reasons, they usually provide information about how one thing will help them do something better than if they used another thing and it provides an excuse to watch your blog while they wait for the results to come out.
  • Trends
    Trends will really help you stay on top if you can spot them early, waiting till a story is at the top of digg and writing a similar story is exactly what I’m talking about. Try to predict what will be popular soon and get in on the action before everyone else.
  • Attack!
    Attacking others can be tricky, if you attack someone people like it may make them not like you, but on the other hand it will drive traffic to your blog and the person you attacked might just attack you back getting even more attention for yourself. Be careful with this one or your hurt people you might just need in the future.

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