10 Rules Of SMO

Social Media Optimization can be tricky because you’ll never know what people will like, unlike SEO with a set of rules that mindless robots follow people can be more dynamic and sometimes its hard to get them to do what you want, try these tricks to SMO.

  1. Get some links: Think about other bloggers and linkbait
  2. Bookmark me: Include calls to action for users to tag, bookmark and Digg your stuff. I’d suggest the Sociable Plugin if you have a WordPress powered blog.
  3. Help your posts travel: Content diversification can lead to mobility of your content beyond the browser.
  4. Encourage exchange: The basis of technology is the exchange of ideas, let people use your content to create their own stuff
  5. Be a Resource: Add value by linking to resources that will be valuable to your users
    Reward helpful users: Give your contributors and readers the recognition (And rewards) they deserve
  6. Know your audience: Know who you want to read you blog and how to attract them
  7. Keepin it real: No one likes a fake, be transparent
  8. Be humble: Don’t get carried away with being a star or an expert, remember what your blogging for
  9. Stay fresh : Social Media is changing and morphing by the minute, keep up on new tools, products and challenges in your social sphere.
  10. Don’t Give Up: No matter how hard it is you have to keep working at it.

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