The Linkbait Forumula

There are some things that people just can’t help not linking to, they also tend to do well on Social bookmarking sites and sometimes hit the front page, here are the top five:

  • News hook
  • Contrary Hook
  • Attack Hook
  • Resource Hook
  • Humour Hook

There are a few others but those are the main ones, here are a few examples of each and hot to use them.

Resource Hook

  • A comprehensive list of blogs in your niche
  • A useful or even fun tool related to your niche
  • A “How To” based on your niche
  • A compilation of news stories on a theme. Sprinkle a little analysis in there, and you’re good to go.

News Hook

  • A genuine Scoop. Get to the news first
  • A compilation of news, as above, its a resource as well as a news hook.
  • Expose a story for a fraud, or to be flawed. You really have to know your subject to do that, but links flow like water if you can debunk a popular meme

Contrary Hook

  • Be the only one in your niche to find something to not like about a story
  • On the same theme, post “Why <insert prominent blogger name here> is Wrong about…”

Attack Hook

Much the same as the contrary hook, you just get to be much ruder. It’s a tough one, because just posting about such a thing could land you in hot water, especially if your readers like that person. We aren’t all here to play nice, we’re here to talk about gaining traffic, and whilst an attack hook is 99/100 NOT the way to go, sometimes it’s absolutely killer, and can gain you credibility and reputation overnight. Really though, careful with that one. It can just as easily go the wrong way.

Humor Hook

  • Search flickr, or photoshop a bizzare pic of your subject
  • Post “10 thing i hate about…”
  • Post “You know you’re a <insert here> when…”

The best thing about these is it seams people never get tired of them, especially not Digg users.


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