Top 15 Resources for Web Developers

Every web developer needs a little help, these where my top 15 resources for web developers.

  1. How to redirect a Web page the right way
    Don’t lose PageRank! Steven Hargrove gives you the code to redirect using htaccess, Mod_Rewrite, IIS, ColdFusion, ASP, Java, Perl, Ruby and PHP
  2. Dummy Text Generator
    Generate text by number of paragraphs, words, bytes or lists
  3. How to Create a Dynamic BlogRoll
    Using Feedjumbler – it takes 5 minutes
  4. Cross Browser Compatibility Testing
    Check your site with multiple browsers on a single machine
  5. Process Explorer
    View active processes – Task Manager on steroids
  6. Text to Voice
    Create an MP3 of a voice reading your text
  7. Web 2 PDF
    Allow your visitors to create PDFs of any Web page
  8. Create Web 2.0 Badges
    Ajax lessons show you how to create a shiny Web 2.0 badge in eight easy steps
  9. PopURI
    At-a-glance link popularity of any site based on its ranking (Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati etc.), social bookmarks (, etc), subscribers (Bloglines, etc) and more
  10. Quantcast
    Demographics for your site
  11. Social Meter
    Scans popular social websites to analyze your social popularity
  12. 100 High Quality and Free WordPress Themes
    Smashing Magazine has downloaded, installed, and tested hundreds of themes; these are their top 100 picks. Whether you are after design inspiration or coding solutions, this is the place to start
  13. Internet World Stats
    Comprehensive statistics about the Internet and Web
  14. Crazy Egg
    Variety of products to see what people are doing on your site using a heatmap or just plain hard data. Pricing plans start with free accounts that let you track up to 5000 visits per month and four pages, up to Pro an offering for $99 per month that lets you track 250,000 visits per month.
  15. GIMP
    GNU Image Manipulation Program

You can see the rest of the list of 100+ Resources for Web Developers here.


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