WordPress.com goes 2.5, Momentary Disaster?

Today at around 5:30 to 6 o’clock WordPress.com upgraded there entire network to WordPress 2.5. Partially delayed by the question of was the new script bug free and partially by the need to get WordPress MU, the multi blog script WordPress.com uses, up to date with the new software.

Now that WordPress MU was ready WordPress.com began the scrupulous update, and then everything went wrong.

Users on the forum began the flood of support topics, some users reported that all the text on their blog went bold while some reported that after adding pictures to posts they where stuck in the HTML editor.

After that the WordPress admin panel seam globally slow but that seams to have been fixed.

If you to are experiencing problems with WordPress.com you can go to the support forum or you can contact them by email, they do warn however that before sending bug report to reload your browser.

To reload your browser press CTRL + F5 on Windows, CMD + R on Mac and F5 on Linux.

Lets all hope the errors recede and everything gets fixed, and for gods sake lets hope they post about the upgrade before it happens next time. If you want to read the post about this upgrade (The one the posted after the update) look here.


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