ChaCha Questions, Revolutionary

ChaCha recently removed their original Search With Guide feature and replaced it with a new text for answers system, but the new system leaves several gaps in information, do I need to have a phone to use the system? Why change the business model now? How does ChaCha plan to make money from people searching on the internet? Here are the answers.

Q. Why did ChaCha remove it’s original Search With Guide feature?

A. ChaCha is refocusing its business to center around its mobile business. So we removed original Search With Guide feature.

Q. When did ChaCha remove it’s original Search With Guide feature?

A. ChaCha removed the original “Search With A Guide” on April 1st, 2008. You can still do searches by using Classic ChaCha.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of ChaCha searches I can conduct?

A. No there is no limit to the amount of searches that you can conduct.

Q. When I look at my search results is shows ‘Sent to Mobile Device: (318) 555-5595’ but I haven’t added any mobile devices yet, how can this be?

A. All numbers with a “555” prefix are phone company numbers – maybe it has to do with phone activation?

Q. One of my ChaCha questions is taking a long time to answer, why?

A. If you are unsatisfied with an answer, please ask again. Report issues to 800-820-0827.

Q. I sent a ChaCha question and received a nonsense answer, can I still rate a ChaCha guide as bad?

A. Yes. We apologize that your experience with ChaCha has been unsatisfactory. You can call 1-800-820-0827, or send us feedback.

Q. How does ChaCha plan to make money from searches still conducted on the internet without the use of a Mobile device?

A. Chacha makes money through ads on its online search engine, like Google does. The searches through cell phones don’t give money.

Q. If Chacha doesn’t have ads on the online ask a question page and the searches through cell phones don’t give money, then how will ChaCha stay in business?

A. ChaCha earns revenue from advertising on its website and through its strategic partnerships.

Q. What are the ‘strategic partnerships’ ChaCha speaks of?

A. Morton Meyerson, Bezos Expeditions, Rod Canion and Jack Gill are major investors in ChaCha. Keep texting!

So far I like the answers to my questions, I especially like how I can ask questions and get real answers now instead of sites that may or may not answer my question. Some people have asked where the Search With Guide feature went, try logging in and typing your question in to the text box, it will show up in the Recent Answers section bellow with the answer.

I actually enjoy the new web questions interface better than the old one, no need to stay online with the guide and talk to them in chat now, just send in the question come back and you have an answer.


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