Stumpedia Launches, Oh The Humanity

Today Stumpedia launched it’s live search with guide feature, similar to the old ChaCha search with guide feature you connect to a guide with your question and he gives you the answer, also similar to ChaCha there are already pranksters abusing the service. The best thing is that users can also volunteer to be guides, which provides zany antics on both sides, this is the story of one of my guide moments. (I’m the guide in this story)

You are connected to another user!

Question from a page titled :
Stumpedia – Instant Answers

User: What th signs of a heart attaack?
Guide: Small spasms, collapsing, strange uneven rhythms
Guide: If you think your having a heart attack it is suggested you call 911
User: ii’m not suree
User: i dont have insurance
User: its kinada getting worso
User: weros
User: worse!
Guide: A hospital has to take you if there is an emergency
User: I live in alaska /=
Guide: Try dialing 911 and describing your symptoms to an operator
Guide: They have hospitals in Alaska
User: nothey dont!!!!
User: theres only snow!!!!!
Guide: Yes they do, ever heard of Fairbanks for Anchorage Alaska?
User: no, where is thata?
Guide: Both large cities with hospitals, trust me I’ve seen them.
Guide: If you need directions to cities try Mapquest.
User: MY VIision is going out , tis hkina bulryy
Guide: Your vision is blurring, your not having spasms you should be able to type
User: How dare you good sir/mam, I am having a legitimate medical occurance!
User: I will take my problems elsewhere….to cha cha!
Guide: Your pulling my leg, I know it and I’m only going along with it.
Guide: ChaCha removed their live search
User: fine
User: because of me
User: and my frequent heart attacks
Guide: They only offer text message service now
User: Can you send text messages while undergoing a heartattack?
Guide: Yes, assuming you have a phone
User: I mean, it all seriousness, can you?
User: can you have a phone if you are having a heartattack?
Guide: Yes, assuming you either paid for it or stole it
Guide: Have you managed to steal a phone yet?

The other user has left the discussion !

As another Stumpedia guide has told me, “Stumpedia cannot be described as a ChaCha replacement because we only give you the blantly obvious answers” however that may just be something he made up, especially since another guide responded to “Are you some kind of sophisticated bot who can fake typos?” with “Maybe I’m not a real person at all and the whole guide thing is all fake, maybe I’m a bot who was programed by someone with bad spelling, who knows, maybe I’m Michele Jackson.” Who knows, all I know is ChaCha is dead now, this is way more fun.


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