WP.com Gone Wild

A few days ago I posted about the new Possibly Related Posts feature at WordPress.com in a post titled Possibly Related What?

Well now the WordPress.Com community is in a firestorm and the forum is still ablaze looking for an answer, while the WordPress.com team is off for the weekend. Lorelle posted an alert on her blog. WordPress Wank posted how this is yet another car crash for WordPress.com and Internetducttape told the WordPress.com team how to fix the possibly related post feature.

So, what do you think? Post a comment bellow or send me a Tweet (While your at it try following me)


One Response

  1. The vast majority of the feedback has been positive, and only a handful of people have turned it off. There are certainly some bugs with the feature, and we’re working over the weekend to get them fixed up, but I think that once we get the bugs ironed out people will really appreciate the additional traffic they’ll be getting.

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