Note For Gawker, Kotaku Sucks

Now it’s official, an anti Kotaku story has hit the front page of Digg. Kotaku recently banned a commenter who pointed out its jumped the shark and now they’re getting all sorts of hell. You see Kotaku has really gone off the deep end and now it’s readers have to respond, the comment in question that got the reader banned was on a post about what kind of noddle the writer should have for dinner, this is what they got:

Oh, how gaming related. not

And Rogz was right, Kotaku has gone nuts recently with all sorts of none game related articles (Did we mention Kotaku was a game blog, you’d never guess from the name). Recently Kotaku has posted stories varying from Guitar Hero Slurpee’s to Using 2 Computers At Once. So we ask, whats up with this shit Gawker?


3 Responses

  1. That’s an utterly ridiculous move on Kotaku’s part. just what were/are they thinking?

  2. I’ll tell you what they’re thinking. They’re thinking that they are awesome. Reality is they’re a bunch of elitist douchebags who’ll ban anyone that doesn’t lick their taints. It’s just a big circle jerk, not worthy of any kind of respect. I mean who gives a fuck about Ashcraft’s half-breed mongel brat’s first day at school.

  3. All of the Gawker websites suck, if you say anything in disagreement with their “articles” (ya, like it is actually a newsworthy site) they ban you. A bunch of elitist wanna-be-news reporters/column writers who couldn’t make it, so they got a job blogging.

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