Trends: May 9

Duhh would like to announce it will be doing Trends this month, a series of posts about whats hot to search today on the internet, feel free to click the links which will take you to the search engine the term is popular on.


  1. nima arkani hamed
  2. brea grant
  3. green puppy
  4. uk daily mail
  5. duggar family
  6. michelle duggar
  7. marie jarry
  8. kim moses
  9. segways
  10. case logic 6” flexible tripod


  1. Miley Cyrus – Vanity Fair Photos
  2. YOUTUBE – Web Videos
  3. Clay Aiken – New Album Release
  4. Paris Hilton – Soon to Marry?
  5. Kim Kardashian – Ralph magazine
  6. Ashlee Simpson – Pregnant?
  7. Katie Holmes – Headed for Broadway?
  8. Emma Watson – 18th Birthday
  9. Naruto – Games
  10. Britney Spears – Getting Life Back on Track

You like it, expect more tomorrow and in the coming days with information from Yahoo! Buzz and Ask IQ.


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