TV Cancellations

The big TV networks are beginning to finalize their cancellations and I’d thought I’d share with you the big names that got shot down for next season.



Cavemen – Flop
Oprah’s Big Give – Spent to much money


Jericho – Low ratings, meetings discussing future of show end of May, possible move to Sci Fi network
Kid Nation – Child endangerment
Moonlight – Low interest, discussion of moving to CW, FX or Sci Fi underway, set still intact
Power of 10 – Gave away to much money


K-Ville – Canceled after writers strike for low interest
New Amsterdam – Reasons for cancellation unknown


1 vs. 100 – To expensive to produce
Amne$ia – To easy to win
Las Vegas – Old show
My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad – Arena in use by Gladiators
The Singing Bee – Competition with Don’t Forget The Lyrics



Eli Stone
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Ugly Betty


The Amazing Race
Criminal Minds
Survivor: Gabon


American Idol
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Don’t Forget the Lyrics
Hell’s Kitchen
Kitchen Nightmares
The Moment of Truth
Prison Break
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


American Gladiators
The Biggest Loser
The Celebrity Apprentice 2
Deal or No Deal
My Name Is Earl

To recap:
Jerico and Moonlight have been canceled with possible moves to Sci Fi network
Kid Nation has been canceled due to a child endangerment lawsuit
The Power of 10 and Oprah’s Big Give might have given to much money away
K-ville and New Amsterdam were canceled mysteriously
Las Vegas was canceled from age
Lost, Bones, House and Hells Kitchen will be back as always
The Amazing Race, 24, Kitchen Nightmares and Terminator will all finally be back
Prison Break and The Moment Of Truth will be back even after controversy over a repetitive plot and ruining peoples lives

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