Why Twitter Must Die

Today Twitter has responded on their blog about the the Terms Of Service mess aroused by a blog post accusing Twitter of not banning users who violate their terms of service by telling us harassment isn’t wrong:

There’s some discussion in our forum right now about content disputes and the specifics of our Terms of Service. It seems there is room in our Terms for folks to debate the difference between an update and an insult. There is some confusion surrounding our official policy with regard to taking action.

Some people think we should ban one person if another person is unhappy with the content—or more specifically, if they personally define that content as “harrassment.” In the case being discussed, we didn’t perceive a violation of our Terms after a careful review.

This speaks to our larger stance that Twitter is a communication utility, not a mediator of content. For those who are interested in this debate, please note that we are engaged in editing our ToS so it more clearly states the scenarios in which we will take action. The revised ToS will reflect this earlier statement of our policy on abuse.

This is why Twitter will fall to FriendFeed. This stance is just lazy and sad, to have a TOS and not enforce it is just against common sense and then to change your terms of service so you don’t have to do anything about harassment is just irresponsible.

Twitter needs to relies that if a user is harassed on Twitter and is then stalked or assaulted in real life by the same assailant then they are responsible for being criminally negligent to protect their users. This isn’t just about harassment but about Twitter being negligent to protect it’s users.


2 Responses

  1. Yes, I agree they need to stick by their policies. It seems many big website giants these days are pretty much only handling what they feel ilke and saying oh well to what they don’t. I like your website!!!

  2. Issuance says : I absolutely agree with this !

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