BullSh*t: Twitter Responds

Twitter has responded to the claim by Ariel Waldman that she was harassed on Twitter and she has responded back again. In Ariel’s response to Twitters response she claims she didn’t intend it to get this big but I’m sure glad it did. In Twitters response they go on to tell us how they aren’t experienced in community management and then go on to call Ariel a lier. This tweet is especially disturbing.

Note: Before joining a mob, you might want to check if everything they’re saying/assuming is true.

The fact still remains that Twitter is now changing their TOS so they don’t have to do shit about this kind of thing. The blog over at violet blue said it best,

Basically, Ariel was stalked and harassed in what had to be the most hateful, open and shocking way you can imagine via Twitter, and the service gave her the runaround when she asked for help. The same thing happened to me — with the same person, who went after me expressly because I am one of Ariel’s friends. Twitter was not helpful for me either, but what’s worse is what Ariel suffered in addition to the emotional toll: Twitters can get indexed by Google, creating a monster that can effectively destroy a reputation.

Now I would like to put out there some of the Tweets that Twitter refused to remove, take note that some of these may be disturbing and obsessive:

i am ariel waldman and i would secretly like to be a crackwhore

Ariel is kinda hot. I’d stick my space dong in her.

Ariel Waldman, WHAT A WHORE!

wow, ariel waldman looks like a certifiable crack-whore now

congratulations ariel waldman, you’ve graduated to soft-core lesbian porn!

OH: her phone is attached to her vagina (hahahahaha) referring to Ariel Waldman of SF, CA

again, no one gives a flying fuck about Ariel Facts.

So this is my call out to Twitter, what are you really going to do about this, will you just site around on your asses and update your TOS and call Ariel a lier, or will you do something about this already.


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  1. […] The Duhh blog has posted the goods on Ariel’s harrasser’s tweets.  If that isn’t harassment, I don’t know what is.  Here is also a picture of the […]

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