Scoutle Gets A Do-Over

I had once tried Scoutle but the overly complicated website and overall system turned me off to the idea. Now as part of the Duhh revitalization project I’m working on leveraging smaller social bookmarking sites so I’m giving it another try.

I’ll be trying to get as many connections as possible to increase my rank and maybe then I’ll get more traffic from it.

I’ll post more when I see some results.


One Response

  1. Great to hear you will try it again!
    We have received many emails and searched & read as many reviews as we could to improve Scoutle as much as possible. Things you mention, like how complicated it is to understand, is one of our biggest issues.

    To overcome this… We are currently working on a complete new version of Scoutle. Not the concept, but the way our site works and how Scoutle is presented. We hope to complete this in a few weeks and will also launch a couple of new features at the same time.

    Scoutle needs more users of course to fully function. When we launch version 2 we will start promoting Scoutle in order to attract new users that will help making it a success.

    Thanks again and of course… all your thoughts on how we can improve Scoutle are very welcome in our emailbox!

    Godfried (Scoutle)

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