EntreCard Is Being Hypocritical Again

I’ve been unhappy with EntreCard for the last few months and this might be the straw that broke the camels back. Graham the so called “leader” of EntreCard has made one wrong move after the other, the two man team of Graham and Phirate have consistently made decisions any public relations major for the local college would call idiotic.

In this post I hope to detail every little thing about EntreCard that drives me made, a general EntreCard rant seams to be in order. It is with no doubt when I make this post that I will receive hate mail (Or maybe even an official response, it’s happened before from both a Scoutle admin and Matt from WordPress commenting on previous posts) but I’ll do it anyways and in chronological order.

Outage City

Long Outages
In the beginning of EntreCard they seamed to be plagued by outages, and as EntreCard progressed as the next big thing to do today and forget tomorrow, the EntreCard website felt the pain from bad planning and bad coding on the side of Phirate.
The Planet Outage
Then EntreCard got hit another blow, EntreCard is hosted with The Planet, a web hosting service renowned for being and hosting the gray areas of the internet and when The Planet data center caught on fire, EntreCard, and all the porn, gambling sites and offshore bank account websites, went down. The Planet was an obvious bad choice for EntreCard as they seamed to have no backup plan if their data center where to ever go down, in posts from Graham after the crash, he showed no remorse and said he’d stick with The Planet anyways.

Egotistical Bastard

Egotistical Bastard
Graham, along with Phirate when you consider how much he doesn’t care about the stability of EntreCard or the forum (Which we’ll get to latter), has been known to blow his own horn (With blow being the appropriate word there). When it came to Graham moving to California so he could lounge on the beach during those long EntreCard outages we, the EntreCard blog readers, were plagued by video’s of him moving … really? Why should we care? He also likes to pretend he’s doing something amazing when he added all sorts of “Amazing” features.

Something Is Technically Wrong

Credit Houdini
At one point in EntreCard’s life Phirate figured out (Zomg, no way, he thinks) that he had underestimated the scaling of EntreCard (No way, I didn’t notice that downtime at all) and decided it was no longer acceptable for credits to disappear after buying from the EntreCard shop or for drops to not be counted (Mostly because all those complaint emails were so annoying) so he tried to fix the system. Did it work, no. Do drops still not count, yes.

Credits Overhaul

EntreCard Sells Out
More recently EntreCard decided they would sell credits for cash to make sure Graham’s pockets were always lined with money for hoes and bear and so they released the Credits Overhaul. However the feature was long awaited credits to be sold were only bought from people with big enough mouths to blow Graham.
Black Market
It also seams that in their credit overhaul they overestimated the value of the humble EntreCard. In fact Graham had let the EntreCard economy detiorate so quickly 1 thousand credits were no longer worth the $9 asking price. In fact 7 thousand credits were worth about $17 on ebay and will probably sell for less.

TOS Changes

TOS Changes
Then EntreCard went off the deep end and decided they wouldn’t allow most Churches and non-profits from using EntreCard, mostly because it’s to hard for Graham to check to make sure they’re really non-profits, for over worked Graham.

Forums Amiss

Forums A Mess
After a while of expanding and Graham hiring anyone who would kiss his ass as a mod for the EntreCard forum things went wrong, no really. The Community forum on EntreCard ended up turning into a flame war and Phirate came up with the bright idea to make a forum just for flaming, great one. So the forum ended up a pit of flaming and horror and several of the mods where accused of editing and deleting posts and impending free speech, even going as far as to say one mod edited a conversation to make himself look correct. Lets just say all this arguing hurt Phirates feelings and he no longer visits the forums, oh, and the great flaming forum was deleted.

Overall Messyness

Quickdrop Pages?
Today as the last straw Graham decided to ban EntreCard quick drop pages, something he said was perfectly fine before. Did we mention he also banned perfectly legitimate sites that wished to earn a few bucks by using “Skip this Ad” ads, no matter how annoying they are, is it really any of his buisness?

To conclude my rant post I must say EntreCard got farther than I thought it would but bleak times are ahead, some blogs say EntreCard is coming to an end as Graham wants to “cash out” just like he did with previous get rich quick project like the “Million Dollar Wiki.” It turns out EntreCard wasn’t the next big thing, if anything it was the next big flop, joining the ranks of BlogRush as the thing you warn your friends not to fall for. My advice? Sell you credits now and dump the fat chick Graham calls EntreCard (It really does slow down load times)

And for all of you who are still EntreCard loyal? Enjoy your higher traffic (And even higher bounce rate) while you can, and when Graham sells out for the quick buck, just remember Duhh told you so.


3 Responses

  1. Wow. I was dissing Entrecard today as well. I really like your article and all the points you made. You done your research! 😉

  2. I have not used EntreCard long enough to experience any problems with it yet. From my first impression – it does bring in some extra traffic and RSS subscribers as long as you drop your cards in relevant quality blogs and not just any web garbage they let in…

  3. Lately, I have been dissing Entrecard’s move with SezWho and their plan to start compensating commenters with credits for commenting. I never knew they even had bigger holes on their roof.

    When it starts raining…

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