SMS is Gone, But Everything Will Be OK

Two days ago Twitter came out and said that they would no longer be “delivering outbound SMS over our UK number.” Meaning that everyone not in the US, India and Canada wouldn’t be able to receive updates to their phone, while users can still send messages to the UK number for them to be posted on Twitter you’ll have to go online to read your friends tweets.

Twitter took a lot of flock for their decision and some user suggested twitter was “90% less useful” for users not in the US, India and Canada.

Eventually Evan responded, saying that Twitter was still a global service. (As long as your in the US, India or Canada)

Eventually tonight Twitter decided to stop taking all the criticism siting down and post to the Twitter blog with a lot of mumbo jumbo about how few users were being effecting by this. Overall this shows the weakness of Twitter, their evident lack of a revenue model for funding a better service.


One Response

  1. It’s funny how spoiled people have become. I just don’t see how the SMS service brings them anything but a large overhead. I would have cut it a long time ago.

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