Reddit Image Previews

Digg had had image previews for images and video’s for a while now and with the new open source Reddit, they’ve finally gotten around to adding it.

Reddit announced the image previews in this cool blog post.

Digg Recommendation Engine Revealed

When TechCrunch leaked pictures of the Digg Recommendation Engine they were right on the ball.

The same day Kevin posted on Digg Blog explaining the engine with a cool video, how Kevin of him.

Eventually TechCrunch posted an update confirming the Recommendation Engine was out with a longer and better explaination.

Sociable Is Updated Again

Thats right, it came time to update Sociable to 2.3.0 and we’ve got a few improvements, it works on the latest versions of WordPress plus we’ve removed some of the links that don’t work. The changelog goes something like this:

  1. TailRank was removed as they removed the community submission aspect to go a more meme-tracker aproach with Spinn3r a blog post indexer.
  2. BlinkBits seams to have disappeared as I’m getting a 404 error.
  3. RawSugar was removed because the whole site seams to have been replaced with some social bookmarking company website.
  4. was removed, they seam to only allow the submission of local businesses now.
  5. Sk-rt seams to be a little gender name confused as it’s been renamed to Kirtsy.

We’re sorry to say we haven’t added Yahoo Buzz! in this update because they still refuse to open up to all publishers. Like always we’re looking to add new sites so if you find some tell us.

So what are you waiting for? Go get it!

Digg The Candidates

Now that the primaries are over and Hillary is appearing with Obama to appear united Digg has updated it’s Digg the Candidates page to allow you to support your favorite candidate, including independents, Libertarians and members of the Green party.

Right now they list Obama, Mccain, Alan Keyes, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. The full post is bellow.

Hey Everyone —

We just released a new version of Digg the Candidates today – check it out if you’re interested in following the latest U.S. presidential election news on Digg. The growth of the World & Business and Elections sections on Digg over the past year has been amazing, and it’s been great to see the diversity of interest from Digg users from all around the world.

We’ll be doing a few interesting things at this summer’s political party conventions. More details to come soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up there are a few projects the works.

Digg on,

PS: We’ve also added a new topic for the Olympics.

Reddit Spanks Karma Whores

Today in a brief blog post entitled Sorry, karma-whore Reddit announced they would no longer be giving karma for self posts.

A self post on Reddit is a story that links to the comment page for that same story on Reddit, these types of stories are often used for polls or for people to give and receive advice.

Some self posts can be viewed at Self.Reddit.Com.

Sociable Update!!!

A large bug has been updated in Sociable today, it should fix Sociable in WordPress 2.5 and also fixes a nasty bug I found, go on down to the Sociable page to update your installation, everything still shows as Sociable 3.1.3 but this time it’s probably best to remove all your old Sociable files and then re-upload them fresh.

What are you waiting for Update Now!!! is Wrong, Top 10 Tech Blogs

Today published a list of the top 25 blogs from the web and then as the user went from page to page (Who is an ad impression whore, is) they asked you to rate each blog. Whats wrong about their list is they included sites such as “Velveteen Rabbit” and “The Reverse Cowgirl,” what we here at Duhh want to know is, who the hell are they?

So the people here at Duhh have compiled the Top 10 Tech Blogs and without putting them all on their own separate page, here they are,

  1. TechCrunch – TechCrunch is our favorite little tech blog on the net, they really like to cover start ups and take overs but they cover lots of other stuff to.
  2. ProBlogger – ProBlogger is the blog for helping to build your blog, we get lots of tips from them and so can you.
  3. Engadget – Engadget is another of those Gadget blogs but in our eye they’re the best at what they do.
  4. Boing Boing Gadgets – Thats right, another gadget blog, but we must say we love Boing Boing’s take on things.
  5. MacRumors – Here at Duhh we love our Macs and are generally worshiping old Mr. Jobs a few times a day so this blog is just perfect for us.
  6. Gizmodo – This time we have Gawker’s take on the gadget blog, we must say it’s good but not up to par with Engadget.
  7. LifeHacker – Gawker really did it with this one, even if it isn’t strictly tech it still has awesome life tips.
  8. Destructoid – The tech community and the gaming community go hand in hand, if they could they would get married, but thats irrelevant, we do love our games thought.
  9. PC World – Yeah, yeah, yeah, we only read it for the Mac section.
  10. The After Mac – b5 media really tried hard with this one, but even if it isn’t up to par with MacRumors it still great.

What’s wrong? We missed one? Tell us in the comment and maybe it’ll be on next years list.