A Little Make-Over

Even the hottest blogs need need a little makeover now and then and now it’s Duhh’s turn.

As you can see we’ve edited the header image to better reflect where we are now.

Plus the social bookmarking buttons to the left side of each post have been updated with more sites.

You can leave any feedback about the new header of buttons in the comments.

10,000 Hits


Thats right, Duhh has surpassed the milestone of 10,000 hits to our humble blog and therefor today is a day to reflect.
I’ve been taking pictures of what Duhh used to look like and what it looks like now and I think we can all be proud of the improvements we’ve made, click bellow to see what Duhh looked like at the 1 thousand hit milestone and now at the 10 thousand hit milestone.

1 Thousand
10 Thousand

Yes!!! 9,000 Hits! And More News

Duhh just got it’s 9 thousandth hit and I want to thank everyone who visited us.

And with our 9 thousandth hit I would also like to announce more blogs on the BlogFlame network:

Sociable – The Social Networking Blog
Quotationary – The Quote Dictionary

As usual I’ll be posting on Duhh regularly but now you have more blogs to check out and read.

Like Z0mg!!1!

I’m a self confessed stataholic and check the stats for this blog constantly, I’ve heard it’s not good for you but this isn’t the moral of the story.

When I scrolled down to the widgets sidebar section, where I keep all the stat scripts, I noticed the Keegy widget wasn’t displaying. It’s really been slowing the site down since I added it and combined with it’s uselessness in comparison to the WordPress.com stats and with most of their site in Spanish or whatever I’ve removed it.

And thats not even the best part of this announcement, when I looked back at the Keegy widget to go remove it I looked at the GoingUp widget and this blog now has a pagerank of 4. Woot!!! Anyways thanks for helping to keep this blog alive, and if you link to me, who knows, you might get some linkback juice.

Possibly Related What?

Great job WordPress.com you’ve managed to do something that has made the majority of WordPress.com angry.

Today WordPress.com announced on their blog they were releasing Possibly Related Posts a feature which uses Sphere to find related posts and put them at the bottom of your blog. Sounds useful but it sucks, so far I haven’t been able to get them to show up on my blog at all and people who can get it to work say it doesn’t display the most related thing it can find.

But anyone who has ever used Sphere would know that the results were less than satisfactory. Some African American bloggers are even reporting their posts linking to far right white supremacist blogs, racist content which shouldn’t even exist on WordPress.

We’ll looks like after the 2.5 upgrade WordPress.com has managed to make us angry again. What next WordPress, what next?

Fan Mail! …. ok Hate Mail -_-

I got a few letter in my inbox from people I didn’t know, and it looks like I got some hate mail.

Name: Amit Agarwal

Email: amit@labnol.org

Website: Who cares?
Mathew Ferguson,

The following article is copied verbatim from our blog www.labnol.org.

Original: http://www.labnol.org/internet/email/…

Copy: http://diggduhh.wordpress.com/…

You are required to delete the article immediately as this violates copyright.

We hope you comply to this request and respond to us quickly.

Thank you,

Amit Agarwal

Apparently the article I took from that forum I mention (And linked back to) wasn’t the original source. My only problem is that this person apparently didn’t have a problem with the forum post for the 5 months it was there until I posted it here. I guess live and let live. If this has taught me one thing about the internet it is that there are some nasty people on it, if you have the time drop by her blog and leave her some fan mail hate mail too!