I’m Not Spam And Blogcatalog Should Know That

After the Duhh blog relocated to our new domain (duhhblog.wordpress.com) I’ve gone through the process of changing the address on Technorati and updating everything to reflect this change.

But when I submitted the new domain to Blogcatalog, Duhh was rejected as spam:

The URL you submitted is solely for commercial purposes, or is suspected to be spam.

The Duhh blog obviously isn’t spam, there are no ads or referral links, I added all the proper links and everything should be the way it should be, so I resubmitted thinking it was just a mistake, but I was rejected again.

So what now? Screw you Blogcatalog, I’ll no longer support Blogcatalog, they been degrading in service in the past months and it’s impossible to get a reply from any of the admins so I’m not even going to try. Anyone wanna hook up at MyBlogLog?