Gearing Down

The Duhh blog is gearing down and I’m ready to bring you more Social Media content. In the past there has been some question as to the topic of Duhh due to the types of posts I’ve added in the past. That is about to change.

The Duhh blog has always been about Social Bookmarking news and tips and it always will, but in the past I’ve deviated to get content on the site.

In the next week you’ll see Duhh gear down and start getting back on topic, Duhh is now monitoring news from all our supported Social Bookmarking sites (Except Newsvine, Slash dot, Blogsvine, Dzone and Sphinn who seam to lack blogs, if we’re wrong leave us a comment with the url) so we can bring you the latest social bookmarking news.

Duhh will also be removing posts that aren’t on topic to make room for better and more to the point posts.

Enjoy reading through are current posts now and get ready to say goodbye to the Duhh spam.

Sociable Gets An Update

Thats right, this blog is run on (I’m cheap, I know) but that can’t stop me from making a WordPress plugin. The unofficial version of Sociable provided by Duhh has been updated with new better images, all no-follow and now with Design Float, Blogsvine, Pownce, FriendFeed and Health Ranker. So what are you waiting for? Update your version of Sociable today to 3.1.3.

See the Sociable Page.