Caprica: Gravedancing

Caprica continues to go be up and down for me. The latest episode, Gravedancing, felt like a plot roller coaster. Some plots accelerated and some slowed down, but overall this was a better episode then we’ve seen since the pilot.

Agent Duram , Sister Clarice and The Soldiers of the One

After an empty cafe was bombed during the night, Agent Duram believes the STO is trying to terrorize the public, but his superior believes it’s the work of copycats because no one was hurt. Agent Duram doesn’t want to wait and see however and has already acquired the warrants to search Zoe’s home and school locker (and everyone else’s locker for that matter) for anything that might connect her to the STO.

ClariceMeanwhile, Clarice is seen waking up in a big bed with Nestor, Olaf Willow and another women. But right as some morning quad-nookie was about to ensue Clarice gets a phone call that visibly upsets her. She is next seen walking briskly through morning pedestrians until she bumps into a man who covertly hands her an e-sheet, which she uses to send an email warning some of her students of the Global Defense Department’s impending search.

Keon and several other students who are members of the STO get the message and remove incriminating evidence from their lockers right as the GDD arrives. The GDD opens all the lockers and search them as the press snap pictures.

Some time later, Sister Clarice tells the kids she is sorry for what happened, tells them to go home, and then breaks down in the hallway where the lockers are located.

But the GDD doesn’t stop at the school and they barge into the Graystone’s home unannounced while Daniel isn’t there. Amanda is appalled and Agent Duram tells the press they have to stay outside. Agent Duram gives Amanda the warrant and tells her it only covers the living area of the house, and that they are looking for evidence of who convinced Zoe to join a terrorist organization.

The GDD finds the Infinity pendant that Amanda had in Zoe’s room but Amanda tells them that she put it there. When Amanda asks Agent Duram if he lost anyone in the attack, he responds that he lost everyone in the attack and that if he has to tear down Zoe’s life to find answers then he will.

Both searches turned up nothing but he tells his superior that he thinks the Graystones and the school kids hid all the incriminating evident, even though he thinks Agent Duram is being over zealous his superior gives Agent Duram clearance to read the student’s e-sheets and phone records. Later, Agent Duram is seen lashing out at Agent Youngblood for letting Ben Stark go and they both agree that whoever it is that is converting kids to killers must be stopped.

Meanwhile, Lacy tries to talk to Keon, who says he can’t be seen with her. Keon solidifies that Ben was acting on his own and after getting Keon’s trust by helping him fix a motorcycle he tells Lacy that he will set up a meeting with a guy named Barnabus to her her get to Gemenon.

Zoe and Philomon Dance

Cylon Dancing

Zoe 2.0 (aka the U-87) logs in to the V-Club, but she is disconnected by Philomon wanting to tinker with the machine. Philomon marvels at the U-87 before running diagnostic tests on it. This leads to Philomon dancing with the robot while Zoe plays along.

The Adama Family

Ruth knows that Willie didn’t go to school but doesn’t punish him after he lies and says that he was with Sam Adama. Ruth appears to accept this because whenever Joseph has been home recently he has been angry and he shouldn’t be angry the little time that he is with Willie. Ruth asks Willie want he wants to be know, not when he grows up, and he says that he wants to work in the pyramid locker room where some other students work, but that he doesn’t think he could because he believes Joseph doesn’t like Daniel Graystone anymore. Ruth tells Willie that his uncle Sam has his way of working things out.

Meanwhile, Sam is posted outside the Graystone mansion, watching their every move. Sam keeps getting calls from Joseph asking if Sam has killed Amanda yet and it is clear Joseph is debating whether to allow Sam to do it.

Later Ruth reveals that Joseph took away all of Willie’s electronics and that Ruth has given him jacks made from the bones of chicken’s feet. Joseph and Ruth see a promo for Daniels appearance of Baxter Sarno’s TV show, Backtalk with Baxter Sarno, and Joseph tells Ruth that things will be taken care of. Ruth is glad to hear that Joseph is going to even the score saying that the dead don’t die until their death is avenged.

Backtalk with Baxter Sarno

Later as the Graystones are on Baxter Sarno’s show, Ruth watches and says that she could kill Amanda Graystone and sleep well after wards and Joseph is wondering why Amanda is on stage and not dead. Not to worry, since Sam is on set and has a stage pass thanks to a Tauran stage hand. Later, Joseph tries to stop the hit but isn’t getting an answer from Sam, when Ruth overhears Joseph calling Sam she isn’t amused that Joseph no longer wants to go through with it.

The Graystones versus Society

Daniel is prepping for his appearance on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno with Pryah and Cyrus, but Amanda is not amused. Daniel says that if it weren’t for her impromptu television appearance he wouldn’t have to have one of his own and that he doesn’t want to drag Zoe’s name through the mud any more then Amanda does. Pyrah and Cyrus give Daniel talking points to use during the show, but Baxter Sarno is on a mission to embarrass him in front of the entire population of Caprica. Amanda shows up unannounced and is watching from backstage, but Sarno’s constant gravedancing when it comes to Zoe prompts her to walk out on stage as well.

Amanda says that Sarno and her husband are wrong when it comes to Zoe and that she wasn’t crazy, just angry like every other teenage girl. Sarno then tried to say that Zoe was “morally blank” but Daniel counters that Zoe would have agreed that the Virtual world is not a good place for teenagers.

After making his peace, Daniel lets slip that he created an avatar of Zoe to try to figure out her motives as to why she did what she did. Sarno thinks that they are back to square one with technology being the problem which prompts a maybe answer from Daniel who declares to the world wide audience that the Graystones’ company will no longer make a profit from V-World licensing and holobands to try to prevent people from hacking the system to create morally challenged places and to stop the STO from using the virtual world as a recruiting tool.

Sam Adama

After the show Sam approaches Amanda and tells her that he is a driver for Baxter and offers to take her home, she accepts and on the way home Amanda asks about Sam’s tattoos. The conversation turns from tattoos to the fact that Amanda notices that Sam is not driving her home. He says that there was a wreck and that his is taking a short cut through little Tauron. Sam then mentions Shannon and Tamara’s deaths in the train bombing and mentions balancing things out. Amanda is clearly afraid of the way Sam talks about the bombing.


I just can’t wait for Caprica to start, hopefully Zoe Graystone can hold me over.