Buzz Opens to Everyone

Buzz, Yahoo’s effort to annihilate Digg and AOL’s Propeller has finally upened up the the public. Untill now content could only be added from sites that used Yahoo Publisher Network ads, allowing Yahoo to test the waters and filter out smaller spam sites easily.

Unfortunately for Buzz it’s hardly compairable to Digg or Propeller due to Yahoo’s persistance to add editorial discretion to reduce gaming, but the rush of server downing traffic caused when Yahoo publishes the stories to their homepage more than makes up for the extra trouble of making your story popular.

You can submit news stories to Yahoo! Buzz here.

I’m Not Spam And Blogcatalog Should Know That

After the Duhh blog relocated to our new domain ( I’ve gone through the process of changing the address on Technorati and updating everything to reflect this change.

But when I submitted the new domain to Blogcatalog, Duhh was rejected as spam:

The URL you submitted is solely for commercial purposes, or is suspected to be spam.

The Duhh blog obviously isn’t spam, there are no ads or referral links, I added all the proper links and everything should be the way it should be, so I resubmitted thinking it was just a mistake, but I was rejected again.

So what now? Screw you Blogcatalog, I’ll no longer support Blogcatalog, they been degrading in service in the past months and it’s impossible to get a reply from any of the admins so I’m not even going to try. Anyone wanna hook up at MyBlogLog?

Digg Recommendation Engine Revealed

When TechCrunch leaked pictures of the Digg Recommendation Engine they were right on the ball.

The same day Kevin posted on Digg Blog explaining the engine with a cool video, how Kevin of him.

Eventually TechCrunch posted an update confirming the Recommendation Engine was out with a longer and better explaination.

Digg The Candidates

Now that the primaries are over and Hillary is appearing with Obama to appear united Digg has updated it’s Digg the Candidates page to allow you to support your favorite candidate, including independents, Libertarians and members of the Green party.

Right now they list Obama, Mccain, Alan Keyes, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. The full post is bellow.

Hey Everyone —

We just released a new version of Digg the Candidates today – check it out if you’re interested in following the latest U.S. presidential election news on Digg. The growth of the World & Business and Elections sections on Digg over the past year has been amazing, and it’s been great to see the diversity of interest from Digg users from all around the world.

We’ll be doing a few interesting things at this summer’s political party conventions. More details to come soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up there are a few projects the works.

Digg on,

PS: We’ve also added a new topic for the Olympics.

Gearing Down

The Duhh blog is gearing down and I’m ready to bring you more Social Media content. In the past there has been some question as to the topic of Duhh due to the types of posts I’ve added in the past. That is about to change.

The Duhh blog has always been about Social Bookmarking news and tips and it always will, but in the past I’ve deviated to get content on the site.

In the next week you’ll see Duhh gear down and start getting back on topic, Duhh is now monitoring news from all our supported Social Bookmarking sites (Except Newsvine, Slash dot, Blogsvine, Dzone and Sphinn who seam to lack blogs, if we’re wrong leave us a comment with the url) so we can bring you the latest social bookmarking news.

Duhh will also be removing posts that aren’t on topic to make room for better and more to the point posts.

Enjoy reading through are current posts now and get ready to say goodbye to the Duhh spam.

Digg Improves Comment System

When the new ajax comment system on Digg was announced everyone was excited about the changes. But when they were released people got pissed off fast, the comments had to be expanded if they weren’t the first in a row and it took forever to load.

Now according to the Digg Blog the comment system on Digg has been once again revamped, and it’s better than ever.

Things I Like:
Comment replies load faster
Looks cleaner
Am able to see diggs/buries for comments by clicking number of Diggs
Easy to expand threads
Easier to reply

Things I Don’t Like:
Only shows 50 posts per page
Clicking tabs other than comments still loads information on a new page

So what do you think?

Sociable Gets An Update

Thats right, this blog is run on (I’m cheap, I know) but that can’t stop me from making a WordPress plugin. The unofficial version of Sociable provided by Duhh has been updated with new better images, all no-follow and now with Design Float, Blogsvine, Pownce, FriendFeed and Health Ranker. So what are you waiting for? Update your version of Sociable today to 3.1.3.

See the Sociable Page.