Buzz Opens to Everyone

Buzz, Yahoo’s effort to annihilate Digg and AOL’s Propeller has finally upened up the the public. Untill now content could only be added from sites that used Yahoo Publisher Network ads, allowing Yahoo to test the waters and filter out smaller spam sites easily.

Unfortunately for Buzz it’s hardly compairable to Digg or Propeller due to Yahoo’s persistance to add editorial discretion to reduce gaming, but the rush of server downing traffic caused when Yahoo publishes the stories to their homepage more than makes up for the extra trouble of making your story popular.

You can submit news stories to Yahoo! Buzz here.

Reddit Image Previews

Digg had had image previews for images and video’s for a while now and with the new open source Reddit, they’ve finally gotten around to adding it.

Reddit announced the image previews in this cool blog post.

Reddit Spanks Karma Whores

Today in a brief blog post entitled Sorry, karma-whore Reddit announced they would no longer be giving karma for self posts.

A self post on Reddit is a story that links to the comment page for that same story on Reddit, these types of stories are often used for polls or for people to give and receive advice.

Some self posts can be viewed at Self.Reddit.Com.

Digg And Clones

There are several Digg and clones on the market and several scripts to allow you to make your own, here are a few scripts for making your own Digg or clones:


  1. Pligg
  2. PHPDugg
  3. diggCLone
  5. Loudle

  1. GetBoo
  2. Scuttle

5 Ways To Get Big On Digg

For new users and the less technologically inclined Digg can be a whole new and scary world, but behind all the secret workings and Digg gangs are simple and easy ways to get big on Digg.

  1. Look at other social bookmarking sites
  2. Digg isn’t the only fish in the sea, Reddit, Slashdot and StumbleUpon are all great ways to find and share new content. By looking at the front pages on these other sites you can find stories you know people will like without having to search yourself. Another great service is 73git, it basically looks at social bookmarking services and finds whats popular now that hasn’t already been submitted to Digg, it even includes an add to Digg button. Be careful however when looking at other social bookmarking sites to find content, things that have been on the front pages of these services for a long time may have already been submitted by someone else and there is nothing Diggers hate more than multiple submissions.

  3. Look at blogs daily for new content
  4. Some sites seam to be Digg magnet,, Engadget, Gizmodo, Techcrunch and Boing Boing in particular seam to attract Digg’s and surfing these sites for a few minutes each looking for new posts that no one has Dugg yet is a good idea. Remember thought that sometimes the tech blogs will all blog the same topic at once which will be repetitive for the nice Digg users out there, and they still hate repetitive.

  5. Use Technorati
  6. Technorati is a great tool for people looking for things happening now. Especially if you look at the Technorati what’s popular list. You can use the list to browse through the number one search term for today and find posts that discuss the topic. Watch out thought, it seams the Technorati search engine isn’t that great and a few of the top search terms will end in results that are completely unrelated.

  7. Watch the top Digg users
  8. The Digg top users from the Top 100 Users list know what they’re doing, if all else fails watch what they Digg and when and see what sites they frequent, after awhile you could be one step ahead and have one of them Digging your story.

  9. Make Friends, Be Friendly
  10. The main aspect of Digg is that it’s social bookmarking, if someone is submitting stories you like or Digging and commenting your stories go ahead and add them as a friend. Making friends and finding users that like the kind of things you submit are important to your success on Digg and even the top users need to use their friends to help get their stories out sometimes. And if a user doesn’t add you as a mutual friend after you’ve added them don’t get discouraged, simply remove them and go friend someone else. Finding people that like the same things as you is the purpose of the “Who Dugg or Blogged It?” link.

Now that your informed on how to get big on Digg go submit a story and get your voice heard and if you really liked this article feel free to add DiggnessFalls on Digg to get the latest big stories and articles on Digg shouted to you daily.